Featured Works

Here you can listen to some of the latest works I composed for films, documentaries and video games. Ranging from orchestral to electronic music.

Starting with the synthesizer-driven music from the Blade Runner-prequel short film 'Tears in the Rain', flowing into cinematic soaring orchestral music from the video game 'Planet Alpha'. You'll also find more subtle, sensitive works like the 'Love Theme' (unused music from the feature film RAFIKI).

The 80s-inspired synthwave soundtrack from the short film 'Genesis' bursts forth with the track 'The Dark Rider & Riding in the Night'.

Orchestral Works

From suble orchestral movements to soaring symphonic melodies to pounding action cues - here is some of the orchestral work I've done for films and video games. The orchestra is still widely used today and can be great tool to add drama and emotional depth to any production.

My main strength has always been in intimate, subtle scoring like for instance 'Embrace Life' but I have also had the pleasure of doing "Hollywood Sound" style scoring with for instance the adventure film 'BEYOND'.

Video Game Music

Music composed for video games ranging from electronic, ambient space music to quirky, hybrid acoustic works.

Music for Documentaries & Commercials

Here you can hear some of the orchestral and ethnic work I have composed for documentaries and commercials. Most notable being the music for the seatbelt ad 'Embrace Life', which went viral on YouTube in 2010.

The documentary 'Shanghai Below the High Rise' shows the subtle, sensitive and ethnic side of my music, along with a little dash of pop/jazz in 'A Time of Change'.

'Snow Wars' is a hybrid mix of orchestra and electronic music.